Hearing this story of human deception, you will become angry, the pregnant elephant's life is ended in this inhuman way


We often compare it with animals for any shameful act. But what humans did in Kerala with an animal, the humiliation would also be humbling. This is a story of human deception, which will make you bleed after listening. A pregnant elephant, wandering towards the city, did not know that it was her biggest mistake to rely on humans to search for food.

This is the case last week. There was a small life in his stomach. In such a situation, she came to the city in Mallapuram district in search of food. Whatever he gave to this idiotic animal, he happily accepted. But he did not know how big betrayal was going to be with him.

Some of these humans hid inside the fruit and fed them firecrackers. As soon as the poor man tried to eat it, there was a blast inside his mouth. She started running here and there, moaning wildly in pain. There were too many injuries inside the mouth due to the explosion. Poor she ran towards the groaning forest.

Despite this, she did not leave 'humanity' with humans. Did not harm anyone. Nobody attacked. Neither broke any house. When the pain did not end, he tried to get some rest by putting his trunk in a river, but…. Forest department personnel also arrived to save him. But by then it was too late. On the evening of May 27, the elephant gave her life while standing in the water.

The forest officer Mohan Krishnan, very saddened by this incident, shared the whole story. He wrote, 'He believed everyone. When he ate pineapple, he did not know that it contained crackers. His mouth and tongue were badly injured. He did not harm anyone even in severe pain.

She further wrote on Facebook, 'Eventually, she came and stood in the Veliar river. The forest department tried to get him out, but he might have realized that his time had come. He did not let this happen. ' Mohan Krishnan told that we asked for a truck to give him a respectful farewell. We bid her a final farewell in the same forest where her childhood was spent and she grew up.