Health workers who received the vaccine will now receive the next dose message on the phone


Around three lakh health workers have been vaccinated in the country on the first day of the Corona vaccination on Saturday. After the vaccination, a message will be received on the registered phone of all these employees through the Kovin website, stating both the time and place of the next dose.

A senior Health Ministry official said that all people will receive the message through the website. Health workers will be given a certificate only after applying two doses. Due to the first dose being imposed on January 16, the work of the second dose will start on February 14. Meanwhile, about 50 to 60 lakh health workers will be vaccinated.

The ministry has also stated that the list of frontline workers has not yet been received from some states. Tamil Nadu has recently sent this list. It may take some time to link it to the Covin website. From January 25, there will also be a list of all frontline workers on the Kovin website. Till then the vaccine will be given daily to the health workers.

More than one crore infected, 1.5 million deaths

After more than one crore five lakh people were infected and more than 1.5 lakh people died in India, the country has taken the first step to beat the epidemic with 'Kovishield' and 'Kovaxin' vaccines and health centers across the country But vaccination is being done.

PM gave the mantra of 'Dawaee Bhi and Kadai Bhi'

In his address to the nation before the start of the campaign, the Prime Minister said that it is very important to take two doses of the vaccine and there should be a gap of about one month between them. He urged people to follow all the corona guidelines even after taking the vaccine and gave the mantra of "Dawa Bhi, Kadai Bhi". The Prime Minister assured the people that their use has been allowed only after scientists and experts have assured the safety of the 'Made in India' vaccine. PM Modi said that this vaccine will ensure a decisive victory in the fight against Coronavirus in the country.