Health Ministry : Government got 1194 applications of Corona Warriors, 921 got 50-50 lakh rupees


After the second wave of the Kovid epidemic, once again there is a big difference between the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Union Health Ministry regarding the Corona Warriors.

The big difference between IMA and government figures

According to the Ministry of Health, so far applications of 1194 Corona Warriors have been received from across the country, who have died due to infection. Out of these, the applications of 921 families have been approved. Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP), a number of Rs 50 lakh has been given to these families.

While 140 applications are still pending. At the beginning of the Corona epidemic last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced health insurance for all health workers. The scheme was further extended on 24 April this year.

IMA confirmed the death of more than 800 doctors in the second wave alone

According to the IMA, 800 doctors have died in the second wave this year. Whereas so far more than 1500 doctors have died due to infection. The figures of other health workers including nurses, paramedical staff are not included in this. If the data of IMA is considered to be the basis, then more than two thousand health workers have died due to infection in the country, whereas 50 percent fewer cases have been reported in the government figures.

The Health Ministry said that 10.14 lakh allopathic doctors and 5.65 lakh AYUSH doctors are available in the country. This is a doctor-population ratio of 1:854. Also, there are about 22.72 lakh registered nurses. If 70 percent availability of these is considered, then there are about 16 lakh active registered nurses.

The ministry said that 1079 applications were received under the old scheme, out of which 56 are still pending. While 806 families have got financial help. While 115 applications received so far have been approved since April 24 this year. At present, 84 applications are pending, which will be approved soon.