Hathras Case Updates: Supreme Court tells the incident terrible, asked the government , How doing the protection of witnesses


Hathras Rape Case Updates: The Supreme Court heard the Public Interest Litigation in the Hathras gang rape case today. During the hearing, the court termed the case as terrible. The court asked the Uttar Pradesh government to explain how the witnesses in the Hathras case were being protected. SIT is currently under investigation. The state government filed an affidavit before the hearing. It was told that due to possible riots, the administration had persuaded the victim's family to cremate the body at night. It was reported from intelligence input that the matter can be given a caste / communal color. Apart from this, the government claimed that a conspiracy was hatched to riot in the state on the pretext of Hathras case. Read here updates related to the case-

Supreme Court seeks affidavit on family safety

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (CJI) SA Bobde said that we are recording the statement of the UP government of the victims and the protection of the witnesses. You file an affidavit. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing on behalf of the government, said that we will file the affidavit by tomorrow. The CJI said that all right, you should give complete information in the affidavit on the arrangements made for the protection of the witnesses and the safety of the victims.

How is the security of Hathras witnesses

The apex court asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Uttar Pradesh government, to explain how the witnesses in the Hathras case were being protected. The court has adjourned the case for the next week.

Supreme court called Hathras incident terrible

The Supreme Court said during the hearing on the Hathras case that it is a very terrible incident. We do not want repetitive arguments in court. The court said in the Hathras case that we want suggestions from everyone about the scope of proceedings before the Allahabad High Court and what we can do to expand its scope.

Many leaders including Yechury reached the victim's village

The process of reaching politicians in the village of Hathras victim continues. On Tuesday, Sitaram Yechury, D Raja and Vrinda Karat have arrived to meet the victim's family.

The victim was cremated at night to protect them from violence

The UP government said in an affidavit in the court that the district administration persuaded the parents of the victim to perform the last rites at night to save them from mass violence. The possibility of quoting intelligence input was given that the matter may be given a caste / communal color.

UP government filed affidavit

The Uttar Pradesh government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court today. In this, the government says that the court should direct the CBI investigation into the alleged rape and assault of the girl in Hathras. The state government says that it can conduct a fair investigation in the case but vested interests are trying to derail the investigation. The affidavit states that the court should supervise a CBI investigation into the case.

Victim's family gets protection

On the demand of the family of Hathras victim, they have got police protection. In a short time, the CBI investigation of the case and the PIL transferring the case to Delhi are to be heard in the Supreme Court.

Four people arrested for visiting Hathras

Yogi Sarkar says that a conspiracy was being hatched to riot Hathras in the state. In this case, four suspects coming from Hathras from Delhi have been arrested from Mathura. They are connected to PFI. It is claimed to have foreign funding.

Hearing on two petitions

Two PILs are to be heard in the Supreme Court. A petition has sought a CBI or SIT probe into the case. In the second petition, the hearing has been sought to be transferred from UP to Delhi. Also, the case has been demanded to be conducted under the supervision of retired judge of the apex court or high court.