Haridwar Maha Kumbh Mela 2021: Kumbh will begin on February 27, notification will be released soon


The Haridwar Kumbh Mela has been scheduled to begin on February 27. Its notification will be released soon. On the other hand, after the release of Kumbh's SOP from the Union Health Ministry, the exercise of arrangements intensified. On Monday, several meetings were held at the government level.

There is a continuous period of speculation about the beginning of Kumbh. Meanwhile, the government has fixed the date for the Kumbh. Urban Development Director Vinod Kumar Suman said that the Haridwar Kumbh will begin on February 27. For now, it has been decided that Kumbh will run till 30 April but in the meantime, if the letter received from the Central Government is considered, the period can be decided till the end time. Its notification is going to be released soon.

On the other hand, the atmosphere in the Secretariat looked hot on Monday after Kumbh-SOP was issued by the central government on Sunday. A number of meetings were organized in Kumbh to make arrangements for the rescue of Kovid and for the strengthening of treatment. Secretaries of the Health Department and Urban Development Department discussed rescue arrangements. It was decided that soon a team of Health Department would hold talks with DRDO officials.

Urban Development Secretary Shailesh Bagnoli said that a lot of work on Kumbh has been completed. Emphasis has been given to complete the remaining work by 15 February. A lot of rescue arrangements have already been made from Kovid. Whatever instructions have been received according to the SOP, they have also been implemented. According to the SOP, there will be strong rescue arrangements in Kumbh.

Devotees will be stopped in the holding area due to increased crowd

Hundreds of thousands of devotees are expected to visit Haridwar on Kumbh and festival baths. The fair police-administration has prepared different plans according to each situation. The biggest challenge is to organize a safe Kumbh between Kovid-19 after the Kumbh's SOP is issued by the central government. The devotees will be stopped in the holding area due to excessive crowds. Devotees will be allowed to go from the holding area in turn to the ghats to avoid the risk of infection.

Lakhs of devotees from all over the country take a dip in the Ganges at the royal baths of Kumbh Mela. The number of devotees from North India reaches lakhs even on the festival baths. The fair is a double challenge for the police-administration regarding the Kumbh event in Coronkaal. Even though the risk of corona infection is decreasing, it is not yet postponed.

There are 72 ghats built for bathing in Haridwar. The expansion of the ghats will help the fair police a lot in crowd control as compared to the previous Kumbh, but there is still confusion about the crowd. DPG Ashok Kumar has shared the future plans of the police regarding Kumbh preparations on the Facebook page of Uttarakhand Police. The DPG said that the police have prepared plans according to every circumstance.

Hold areas will be created in urban and outer areas in case of overcrowding. This will control the pressure of devotees on the Ghats. Devotees from the holding area will be sent as soon as they return to the ghats after bathing. This will prevent infection. Apart from Harki Paidi, devotees will be motivated and aware of bathing at other Ghats so that social distance can be followed along with pressure control on Harki Padi.