Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021: If you are ready to come to Kumbh, then it will be necessary to follow these rules of the central government


The Central Government has issued guidelines (SOP) for Haridwar Kumbh Mela. It is compulsory for devotees to register to come to Haridwar. It will also be mandatory to bring a medical certificate from a community health center, district hospital, or medical college. The central government believes that since Mahakumbh receives devotees from various states of the country as well as from abroad, it is necessary to take precautions.

Divine, grand, and safe Kumbh will be organized: Trivendra Singh Rawat

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the government is committed to organizing the divine, grand and safe Kumbh. He said that Union Health Ministry has issued an SOP regarding Kumbh. The arrangements for the fair will be prepared according to the SOP. At the same time, the Chief Minister made it clear that this Kumbh would be completely immaculate.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said during a conversation with reporters that the transition to Corona is not over yet. The new strain of Corona is extremely dangerous. In such a situation, it is also the responsibility of the government to keep the passengers safe with the divine and grand Kumbh.

Directed officers for all arrangements based on SOP. In Kumbh, devotees will get to see the perfect combination of cleanliness, spirituality, folk culture, and traditions of Uttarakhand.

He said that devotees will get a different spiritual experience with wall painting, light show, and fasad light. The Chief Minister said clearly that special monitoring should be done on quality and transparency in all Kumbh works. Cabinet Minister Maidan Kaushik said that the Kumbh will be organized with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Local Notification Unit engaged in the verification of outsiders

Before the upcoming Kumbh begins, the LIU is engaged in the verification of all outsiders. So far, more than four thousand people have been verified. Kumbh Mela Police is not in a mood to relax in any way. Verification of outsiders is being done in a confidential manner on behalf of Kumbh Mela LIU.

Information is being collected about how long the concerned persons have been living, whether any state or district has an identity card or not. Information is being collected about the people living in hotels, lodges, and Dharamshala besides the nomadic people at ten places including the railway stations, bus stands, Rishikul. As of 23 January, a total of 4150 outsiders have been verified.

In view of the upcoming Kumbh Mela, a campaign is being organized by LIU Kumbh for verification in the fair area as well as other areas of the district. The verification campaign will continue continuously.

- Sanjay Gunjyal, IG, Kumbh Mela Police