Hacks: Keep these things in mind when buying a banana


Banana is a fruit that is liked by everyone. The speciality of this fruit is that it is available in the market in every season. Along with being healthy, banana is also very tasty in food. The best thing is that bananas can be consumed in many ways. This fruit can be included in everything from salads to vegetables. But in normal homes, people eat this fruit like this. In the market, the banana is found in the dozen and it is in the group.

In such a situation, if you take care of some things while buying a banana, then you can bring home a good banana from the market. If you choose a good banana, it will not spoil quickly and its taste will also remain good.

So let us tell you today what to keep in mind when choosing a banana in the market

Focus on colour

The brighter the colour of the banana, the better and tastier the banana will be. When you go to buy bananas from the market, buy the same bananas which are yellow in appearance. Also, keep in mind that a banana which is both yellow and green should not be bought because it is undercooked and its taste is not good enough. The completely green banana is raw and used to become vegetable. Also, keep in mind that bananas should have at least black circles. Bananas that have more black circles tend to thaw or deteriorate quickly.

Take as needed

Banana is the cheapest fruit. It is also nutritious so usually, people buy a dozen bananas. But buy as many bananas as you can within 2 to 3 days. Bananas tend to thaw very quickly even after being kept for a long day. So buy bananas as per the requirement and when finished, buy them again.

Notice the size

You will find bananas in many varieties in the market. They differ in both taste and size. Try to buy a large-sized banana because black dots have more black dots and this increases the chances of them getting spoiled quickly.

Do not take sliced ​​bananas

If the banana is cut from somewhere or the skin has been removed, you should not take it. Such a banana is spoiled very quickly, as well as fungus in it very quickly, which causes the stink.

Image Credit: freepik