Gym will open in Maharashtra from today, it is necessary to follow these rules


There was no trade with coronavirus which was not affected, all types of business saw losses. All the trade unions of the country told the government to open trade. The government exempted most of the works after Unlock-4.0.

The Maharashtra government has so far issued guidelines to open the closed gym. The state government has given permission to open the gym from Sunday under certain terms and conditions. Gym owners and people coming for exercise will be required to follow these guidelines. Under the instructions of the government, it will be mandatory to put masks inside the gym. It is allowed to apply cloth masks so that there is no difficulty in breathing. It will be necessary to follow the rules related to social distance inside the gym.

Also, children over 65 years and under 10 years of age and pregnant women will be barred from entering the gym and gym owners will have to provide 4 square feet of space for exercisers to maintain social distance between all.

In the gym, AC must be run at 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. Also, no tokens can be used. Also, a hand sanitizer will have to be arranged and the gym and its equipment will have to be sanitized regularly. The number of people will have to be limited at different times and in every batch for those coming for exercise. So that the law of social distance can be followed. Recording songs will be allowed in the gym. The gym complex, equipment, entry, and exit doors have to be sanitized regularly.