Gym and Yoga Center to open from tomorrow! Click here to know about the health ministry guidelines


The second and third human clinical trials of the Corona's Oxford vaccine have been approved in India. The World Health Organization has said that they end lockdowns in many countries. Health Ministry has given permission to open gym and yoga centers from August 5 i.e. tomorrow but strict instructions have to be followed for this, Health Ministry has issued a guideline in this regard on Monday, the government has clarified SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure), which involves wearing masks, following the rules of social distancing.

- Where there are more cases of coronavirus, the ban on gyms and yoga institutes will continue.

- Permission to open gyms and yoga institutions outside the Containment Zone.

It is mandatory for all yoga institutes and gyms to follow the guidelines issued by the state governments.

- Advice to people over 65 years of age, people with serious illnesses, pregnant women and children under 10 years of age in gyms and yoga centers should not come to gyms and yoga institutes.

Everyone has to take care of social distancing and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

- Everyone will need to use a face mask.

- Handwashing with soap and the use of sanitizer is necessary.

- Spitting on the premises will be banned.