Guild requests PCI to withdraw consultation on foreign content in Indian media


The Editors Guild of India has appealed to the Press Council of India (PCI) to withdraw the ill-advised consultation warning against the irregular transmission of foreign material, as its effects are disturbing.

The guild said in a statement that it was upset with the unprovoked consultation issued to the media by PCI on 25 November. He said, the council advocates self-regulation of the media and believes that any kind of government intervention would be dangerous for the freedom of the press, but it appears that it is supporting such a move, which leads to a kind of censorship Shall be applicable and punitive measures may be taken against organizations which publish material deemed undesirable.

The statement released on Saturday said that the consultation did not say who would confirm the material, on what basis it would be verified, and, most importantly, what irregular dissemination meant.

The Guild stated that many publications in the country license foreign agencies, newspapers, and magazines and present their content in a new format, which is the prerogative of the editor and who is responsible for all types of material published in his publication. it happens.