Green energy will be used for manned mission Gaganyaan, ISRO chief said - 'need to reduce environmental damage'


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is making green energy (propellant) for its ambitious manned space mission Gaganyaan. It will be used at every stage of the rocket. This information was given by ISRO chief K Sivan.

In his address at the 16th convocation of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Sivan said, India is constantly focusing on economic development. In such a situation, the country has increased the need to limit environmental damage by adopting green technology.

He said that ISRO made lithium-ion batteries used in space. This technique is being done on a large scale in electric vehicles. ISRO uses the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), a four-stage rocket for its missions. It uses fuel at every stage, which moves the rocket upwards so that the satellite can be placed in its fixed orbit.

At the same time, the Geo Stationary Launch Vehicle (GSLV) is a three-stage rocket, with cryogenic fuel being used in the upper stage. Gaganyaan is to be launched in December 2021. Earlier this month, ISRO indicated that the launch of Gaganyaan could be delayed by almost a year due to the Corona epidemic.

The country's space program rests on the foundation of spectacular failures

Sivan told the students that you can fail, but every failure gives lessons. I can say with great confidence that India's space program is built on the foundation of spectacular failures and our system has improved due to every failure.