Govind Singh Dotasara accuses BJP of withdrawing the nomination of Ladu Lal Pitlia, said- BJP has crossed all limits of immorality in politics!


Due to the by-elections in three assembly seats in Rajasthan, the politics of Rajasthan has become hot these days. All the parties are targeting each other and counting their deficiencies.

Recently, Congress state president Govind Singh Dotasara has targeted the BJP for withdrawing the nomination of Ladu Lal Pitalia, who contested the election for the by-election by rebelling from the BJP, and said that the BJP is badly afraid of its defeat.

Due to the same reason in the Sahada by-election, the nomination of Independent candidate Ladulal Pitlia has been returned by the BJP, and these days the BJP party, which has disguised policy and morality, has crossed all the limits of immorality in politics.