Gorakhpur News: 'Koila' changed fortunes by farming, 13 women also got employment


Those who succumb to challenges in the absence of resources, Koila Devi, who has been awarded the 'Outstanding Farmer Award', can become a means to change their thinking. Koila Devi not only changed her life by initiating mixed farming on her only four decimals of the land but also raised the flame of passing on the minds of many other women. Today she is also running a successful women's self-help group.

Koila Devi, a resident of Rakhukhor village in Jungle Kauria, suffered a lot but did not give up. Wages were his only source of livelihood, but Koila Devi's passion drew him to farming. He started growing Sawan, Madua, Tagun, Vegetable, Turmeric, etc. in his four Dismil fields. After this, she joined the Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group and learned how to make organic manure. She is maintaining her family by selling organic manure. She also explains the nuances of farming to smallholdings.

Two years ago he formed a self-help group. The 13 women involved in this have now helped each other through mutual banking. He has 56 thousand rupees deposited in his bank account, which he uses in transactions without interest. With the money from the same group, Koila Devi took two bigha fields on the distribution and grew paddy, groundnut, and wheat and mustard.

Record made in wheat production, honored

Koila Devi sowed the Karna Vandana wheat variety in the year 2019-2020. He got the seed for a demonstration from the Center for Agricultural Sciences. Koila Devi cultivated with a scientific method and 220 kg in only 266 sqm land. Produced wheat. He thus obtained a yield of 82.52 quintals per hectare. The land was small, but the production rate was better than all the farmers in the district. He was awarded the 'Outstanding Farmer Award' by ICAR Indore and Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Karnal on 24 August 2019 in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) for his achievement.

Extra revenue from fertilizer

Koila Devi Varmi also makes compost, Matka manure. The manure is used in its own cultivation and also sells the rest at the rate of five rupees per kilogram. This leads to additional earnings.

All women collect 100 rupees per month in the group

Koila Devi joined the DST Core Support Project of the Department of Science and Technology and formed the Maa Vaishno Devi Self-Help Group. It kept only those women who had less than one acre of land. There are 13 women in the group and all used to deposit Rs 50 per month, now the savings have been raised to Rs 100. With this, a capital of 56 thousand has been prepared. The women of the group take a loan according to their needs and then repay it.