Good news for railway passengers! Railway has given cleanliness, special trains run during the festive season will not have to pay more fare


Indian Railways is running special, festival special trains and clone trains to meet the increased demand in the festive season. It is being told that the Railways will charge 30 percent more than the normal trains on special trains. Now the Railways has clarified the increase in Passenger Fare Hike.

Indian Railways is running Festival Special Trains to meet the increased demand in the festive season. Apart from this, clone trains are also being run on busy routes with a long waiting list. Recently, the Railways announced to run 392 special trains simultaneously to meet the demand of Durgapuja, Dussehra, Diwali, and Chhath. Meanwhile, some reports said that passengers will be charged 30 percent more than the normal trains (Passenger Fare Hike) on special trains. However, now the railway has given reports of an increase in passenger fares while giving cleanliness as misleading and wrong.

According to the rules, the fare of special trains is kept more

Railways informed that festival special trains are being run from Kolkata, Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Delhi stations. These trains will run between October 20 and November 30. According to the rules, the fare of special trains run on the festive season, summer vacation or other special occasions are more than normal trains. However, this time the railways have denied a hike in rail fares. Explain that the speed of the festival special train will be at least 55 km per hour and their fare will be equal to the special trains.

The opposition had also demanded the withdrawal of rent and subsidy

Railway 666 is already running regular mail and express special trains. At the same time, the festival special trains which were run now will be stopped after 30 November. Let me tell you that the opposition parties started raising questions on the news of charging more fare for festival special trains. The Congress attacked the central government and asked for the immediate withdrawal of the increased rent. Congress had said that along with the withdrawal of the increased fares, the central government should give subsidy so that more people can travel by train.