Good news: coronavirus medicine is ready, Japan gave its permission to use it


This medicine is injected into the vein. It has been approved to treat Kovid-19 patients in Japan.

Los Angeles: A biotech company from California, California, states that its experimental drug remedisivir saw improvement in symptoms when given to five-day-old, hospitalized patients from COVID-19 to moderately ill, COVID-19 has gone.

This medicine is injected into the vein. It has been approved to treat COVID-19 patients in Japan. In the US also it has been allowed to give some patients in an emergency.

Gilead Sciences gave some details on Monday but said that full results will be published soon in the medical journal.

In experiments, Remedicivir has emerged as a drug that is expected to help fight the incurable disease of this coronavirus.

A large study, led by the National Institutes of Health, was conducted which found that this drug reduces the average duration of recovery for critically ill hospitalized patients. This medicine reduces the days of recovery from 15 to 11 days.

About 600 patients were studied under the leadership of the company. He had mild pneumonia but did not need oxygen. All were given medicines randomly for five to 10 days, with normal care taken.

Gilead said that on the 11th day of the study, patients who had been given remedicivir for five days were 65 percent more likely to improve, on at least one on a seven-point scale. These include measures such as a need for treatment and breathing machine.

Ten days of treatment did not prove to be better than standard care alone.

None of the patients who were given medication for five days died, while two of those who gave medicine for 10 days died and only four of those receiving standard care died. However, the complaints of nausea and headache were slightly higher among those taking this medicine.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Radha Rajasingham at the University of Minnesota Medical Center pointed out that the study has some limitations but there is a controlled group that helps to verify that Remedicivir has some benefits.