Gold will be made on heating magical sand, bought from jewelers by giving jewelry worth 50 lakh, know the whole matter


On heating the magical sand, it would become gold and this was accepted by a jeweler living in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. What then was that he bought four kilograms of magical sand by giving more than 50 lakh jewelry. For a year, kept that magical sand of Bengal in the vault with the confidence that one day I will heat it and it will become gold. But when gold was not made, he went to the police and lodged a complaint against a person. Let us tell you what is the whole matter of making magical sand by making gold ...

A jeweler resident of Hadaspur, Pune has filed a police complaint. In his complaint, the jeweler said that one year ago, the accused person came to his shop. Since then, they have been constantly visiting, meanwhile, the two become friends. The accused also made their way into the jeweler's family and supplied them with dairy products. In the meantime, he assured that gold becomes gold on heating the special sand of Bengal.

The accused gave the jeweler a bag filled with four kilograms of sand and said that it is the special sand of Bengal, which is heated, will become gold. The jeweler gave the accused 30 lakhs of cash and about 20 lakhs of gold.

The jeweler protected the sand in the vault for a year. One day when he heated the sand, the jeweler realized that he was cheated. In lieu of sand, he was cheated by a jeweler for Rs 50 lakh, after which he filed a case with the police. A case has been registered against the accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code for cheating and cheating.