Ghaziabad: girlfriend insisting on living together, doctor killed her by injecting poison


Ghaziabad / Mussoorie. Revealing the murder of Shabana, a resident of Dasna, Mussoorie police have arrested unregistered doctor Ismail, who runs a clinic in the neighborhood. In police interrogation, he told that Shabana was insisting on being together. This was not possible as both were married. So, on his way to Chandigarh, he gave him a poisonous injection and killed him and threw the body in Kurukshetra, and escaped.

SP Rural Neeraj Kumar Jadoun said that the unregistered doctor Ismail resident of Dasna has confessed his crime in the inquiry. He told the police that Shabana used to come to him for treatment during the illness. During this time, both of them became friends and the relationship between the two had been formed for about a month. The accused said that Shabana was insisting on being with him. It was not possible for him to keep it together. Police say that both the accused and the deceased are married.

SP villager said that on September 7, the accused took Shabana with him first to Delhi. There he kept Shabana in a hotel in Paharganj. For no one to suspect him, the accused left Shabana in the hotel and came back home. After repeated calls from Shabana, the accused arrived in Paharganj with a rented car from Noida Sector-62 and took it to Chandigarh.

He had lured Shabana to stay in Chandigarh. But before reaching Chandigarh, the accused made a plan to get rid of Shabana and then stopped the car in Kurukshetra and injected Shabana with poisonous injection from the medical store. this caused his death. After this, the accused threw the body on the side of the road and parked the car in the parking lot of Noida Sector-62, and returned home.