Fraud! Amazon and Flipkart Sale are making innocent customers cheated in these 3 ways


The festive season has come and other shopping sites including Flipkart, Amazon are getting huge discounts, but at this time you need to be more careful with the thugs as they are taking money from innocent customers by following them and also not giving a good product of good quality.

Ways to avoid thugs

  • This is an extremely new way of scam. In this, after purchasing the product from Amazon, Flipkart or any site, when the product is delivered then after a few days the phone comes on the mobile in the name of the feedback of the product and then the thugs will tell you that you have won a car or smartphone and just Transfer a few rupees to their bank account and then the goods will be yours. So avoid such hoax calls.
  • People are also being cheated through WhatsApp messages. The message is showing huge discounts on the product of a big brand. Do not blindly believe in this or else you may be a victim of cheating.
  • While visiting any e-commerce website, check its address / URL. Many times people are cheated heavily by creating similar URLs like popular websites.