Former Assam Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Tarun Gogoi dies


Former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi died on Monday. The condition of the senior Congress leader was being described as "very, very delicate" on Monday morning. Due to such condition of Gogoi, Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal reached Guwahati by canceling his earlier scheduled program of Dibrugarh. Sonowal has given this information by tweeting. Sonowal wrote that "I am canceling my Dibrugarh show and returning to Guwahati to stay with Tarun Gogoi da and his family."

Sonowal informed that the condition of the former CM is very critical. Sonowal said that "He has always been like a father to me. I wish him well soon with millions of people.

Regarding Gogoi's health, Superintendent of Gauhati Medical College Abhijeet Sharma had told that a team of nine doctors is being looked after by the senior Congress leader who has passed the age of 80 years. It is noteworthy that the 84-year-old Congress leader was undergoing treatment at Gauhati Medical College (GMCH). He told reporters, "Mr. (Gogoi) 's the current state of health is very, very fragile and doctors are trying better."

Gogoi's organs not working

Assam Health Minister Hemant Viswa Sarma, present at GMCH with Gogoi's son, said, 'The situation of the former Chief Minister is very delicate and worrisome. He is fully on life-saving equipment however, doctors are making efforts. Now God's blessings and people's prayers are necessary to improve their condition. '' Sarma said that Gogoi's organs have stopped working, the brain is getting some signals, the eyes are moving and the pacemakers are being installed. After this, his heart is working and apart from that, no organ is working.