Foreign forces are conspiring to attack the identity of the country associated with tea: Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that some people are trying to discredit India globally. Conspirators against the country have reached such a level that they are not giving up the tea of ​​the country. Foreign forces are planning to attack India's identity with tea.

In Dhekiajuli of Assam, PM said, the country will not let their nefarious plans succeed

I want to tell these conspirators from the land of Assam that as much as they can make conspiracies, the country will not let their nefarious plans succeed. There is not enough strength in the attacks on India's tea to counter the hard work of the people working in our tea plantation.

Inaugurates 'Assam Mala' project, lays foundation stone for two medical colleges

The PM on Sunday inaugurated the 'Assam Mala' project at Dhekiajuli in Assam and laid the foundation stone for two medical colleges. On this occasion, the PM said, I always relate the situation of the tea plantation workers to the development of Assam, but some documents have been found which suggest that there are attempts to discredit India's tea outside the country. No tea garden workers in Assam can tolerate this and they will give a befitting reply to these conspiracies.

New opportunities will be born with 'Assam Mala'

The PM said, 'Assam Mala' has been started on the lines of 'Bharat Mala Project'. In the next 15 years, Assam will have a wide highway network. The Assam Mala Project will fulfill people's dreams. Rural roads and highways will be connected under the Rs 8210 crore Assam Mala Project.

The PM said that we have always been listening, have seen that the first morning of the country is from the Northeast. But the truth is that this morning of development in the Northeast and Assam has had to wait a long time. Violence, scarcity, discrimination, tension, favoritism, conflict is left behind and the Northeast is moving forward on the path of development and Assam is playing an important role in it.

Start teaching medical college in the mother tongue

The PM said, my dream is to start teaching at least one medical college in every mother tongue. When the new government will be formed in Assam, I promise on behalf of the people of Assam that in Assam we will start a medical college in the local language. AIIMS work in Guwahati is moving fast today. Now two medical colleges are being established in the Biswanath and Charaidev districts of the state.