Five rounds of talks between India and China troops to reduce tension in Ladakh fail

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Sources said that both countries have increased military deployment in these two places in the last two weeks. Sources said that the possibility of reducing tension between the two sides is very unlikely as both the armies of the two countries have adopted an aggressive stand.

Let us know that diplomatic channels are also continuously working to reduce the tension between the armies of the two countries after China objected to the road construction in Galvan Valley from India.

The deployment of troops was increased after a clash between the soldiers of the two countries on May 5, followed by a similar incident in North Sikkim. Sources said that the local commanders will continue to hold talks till the solution is resolved.

India has denied the allegations of China

India had on Thursday denied China's allegations in which China had said that Indian troops had crossed the border in Ladakh and Sikkim towards China. The Ministry of External Affairs said that India is taking a responsible approach towards border management.

On the skirmish between the soldiers, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that Indian soldiers are carrying out activities within the Indian border. The Ministry of External Affairs said that Indian troops strictly follow the procedures laid down for border security.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava had said that China had started activities to disrupt normal patrolling of India along the border. Indian soldiers are well aware of the border area, Chinese troops interrupted patrolling by Indian forces.

China has objections to road construction

In fact, China had objected to the construction of an important road from India around the Galvan River in Ladakh. According to sources, the construction of the road has currently been stopped. On May 5, about 250 Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed with iron rods and batons. Many soldiers on both sides were injured in this.

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