Father cheat in the game of Ludo, then the daughter reached the family court, said - now they are not my father


Life sports are also unique. Can a young man or a woman refuse to accept a parent who sacrificed everything for children, simply because they beat him at a game of Ludo? But a father would not have had the slightest idea that his 24-year-old daughter would reach the court to do so.

One such strange case has come up in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. Here a 24-year-old girl approached the Bhopal Family Court against her father. The woman alleges that her father cheated on her in a game of Ludo. The daughter was hurt so much by the father cheating in the game that now she is refusing to consider him as the father.

In this case, the court counselor Sarita Rajani said, "The woman said that she trusted her father so much and did not expect him to cheat. We have conducted four counseling sessions with him."

No more respect for father

Counselor Sarita said the woman says that she has lost respect for her father because they have defeated her. The woman feels that her father could have lost the game to her delight. Even after four sessions of counseling, there has been no significant change in the mood of this girl. Now on Sunday, the father has been called for counseling.

Father will know what happened

According to Family Court Counselor Rajni, the girl has mental trauma after losing to her father in a game of Ludo. Due to this, he is under depression. In this connection, the father has also been called for counseling. After which you will be able to know how the girl's real mood is. After all, what happened during the game of Lud that the young woman does not want to see even her father.