Farmers will join the rally by putting tricolor on 12 thousand tractors!


After so much difficulty, finally, the Delhi Police has allowed the protesting farmers to hold a rally. It is also going to the 'Farmers Republic Parade'. The Reserve Forces, including the police, have also been asked to be ready to move on 'short notice' for this rally to be held on 26 January. The police have made three detailed routes for this rally that starts just after the Republic Day parade.

Around 12,000 tractors were deposited on the borders of Delhi on Sunday. Although how many will be involved in the rally, according to the police, its address will be known till Monday evening. Let us know what arrangements have been made for the tractor rally.

Let me tell you, farmers from states like Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan are reaching Delhi with tractors. The protesting farmers have been rehearsing for the rally on 26 January.