Farmers Protest: 'bitterness' increased after NIA summons to farmer leaders


After the NIA summons in the peasant movement, now 'bitterness' has increased further. The NIA has sent a summons to about 100 people, including 20 farmer leaders associated with the movement, for questioning from funding to other 'links'. These include the leaders of the religious and social organizations, as well as artists, transporters, Kshatriyas, petrol pump operators, jathedars, and many suspects, besides farmer leaders.

The NIA is going to start questioning them on different dates from Sunday. On the other hand, on Saturday, in the meeting of 32 farmers associations related to Punjab, the January 26 tractor parade, the NIA fresh summons, Friday's government talks, and the tenth round on January 19 were discussed. The three options for the tractor parade churned out, dependent on the Supreme Court hearing.

NIA summons to nearly one hundred

NIA has sent a summons to about 100 people for funding. Buta Singh Burjagil of Bhakiyu Daconda claims that these include Jathedar's. The NIA summons was discussed in Saturday's meeting of farmers' organizations in Punjab and concern was raised over the government's attitude. It was decided that this would be questioned in the 19 proposed talks with the government. In the last meeting too, there was a protest in front of the government against 'oppression' on agitating farmers and supporters. Then 'trust' was received from the government.

Farmer leaders believe that in a hurry, the NIA has summoned for questioning on Sunday so that it can be made the basis for the Supreme Court hearing on Monday. On this basis, the government can file an affidavit of 'infiltration of Khalistan' in the Supreme Court. Buta Singh Burjgil believes that on the basis of the notice of the government and the NIA, the Supreme Court can know the party by giving notice. In the meeting of farmers' associations, legal aspects related to this were discussed. They call this development a conspiracy of the government to break the movement.

Also summoned

The NIA has called the farmer leader and the head of the Public Wellbeing Justice Welfare Society, Baldev Singh Sirsa, and his son Mehtab Singh Sirsa on Sunday, 17 January at the NIA headquarters, Delhi. Harmeet Singh Kadia, leader of Bhakiyoo Kadia, has also been summoned. Apart from these, Senior Vice President of Sikh Youth Federation Bhindranwala Bhai Ranjit Singh Damdami Taksal, Mandeep Sidhu, brother of artist Deep Siddu, Nohjit Singh Bulowal, Pradeep Singh Ludhiana, Paramjit Singh Akali, Palvinder Singh Amarkot, Surinder Singh Thikriwala of Gurmat Prachar Seva, Bandi Singh The NIA leader Mojang Singh Ludhiana, etc. has also been summoned by the NIA for questioning on January 21.

Notices have been issued to a total of 100 people related to giving 50-50 thousand rupees to help the deceased farmer families, many NRIs, many jobbers and transporters, petrol pump operators, langar-khidmat. The Income Tax-ED had earlier investigated. Now after the NIA notice, the needle of investigation has turned towards funding and other 'links'. The suspicion is towards 'Khalistan-Pakistan incursion'. Financial assistance from NRIs is also being tested.

Discussion on tractor parade

Three options for the January 26 tractor parade were discussed in a meeting of 32 farmers associations of Punjab on Saturday. It was decided that a strategic change is possible according to the Supreme Court hearing on Monday. For the time being, it was decided that the Samyukta Kisan Morcha would duly ask the Delhi Police for permission to give a written application for the tractor parade. Another option is to parade the Delhi Border Ring Road only if permission is not given. The third will depend on the Supreme Court hearing.

The tractor parade may be banned from the court to avoid a collision. On Sunday, the meeting of the United Farmers 'Organizations will form a consensus on this issue and all the issues of the farmers' organizations of Punjab. This will be followed by a strategic announcement. Yes, the 'gear' of the tractor parade on 26 January can change according to the Supreme Court hearing on 18 January and 'Talks' with the government on 19 January. At the moment, the tractor is in 'neutral gear'.