Farmers on the Singhu border said, 'No fear of snowfall, will not return home before victory'


The 63-year-old Rajinder Singh Bali, who is in support of the farmers on the Singhu border, is not worried about winter nor the fear of rain. We will return only after winning the battle for the rights of the farmers. Just after the victory of the farmers, they will return to Punjab with a tractor-trolley after returning the stranded truck with them while transporting goods to the Chinese border.

Rajinder Singh, a resident of Mohali, who belongs to the farming family, said that he has been with the farmers for the last about a month. At night, if you make your car a home, then in the morning you are ready to protest against the agricultural laws.

Farmers stayed on all three borders

The day-long rain showers in the capital fell lightly in front of the courage of the farmers who were standing at the three borders of Delhi. On the border of Singh, Tikri, and Ghazipur, while some farmers drenched with anger, some farmers helped other farmers to avoid the rain. Most of the farmers took shelter in the trolleys and tents due to the stagnant drizzle and decided ahead.

Bali, a driver by profession, said that one and a half months ago, he went to the Chinese border to reach the electric pole. The border got stuck for two days due to the truck getting stuck due to snowfall. Everywhere rescued from the snow, because the truck had vowed not to return. Finally, 2 days later, when the army car removed the snow, Bali also returned with his truck.

Bali said that just as the truck was not left in the middle, the farmers would return home only after getting the rights. Bali's daughter is the Vice Principal in a school and the son is an engineer. But considering the pain of belonging to the peasant family, Singh is standing on the border with the farmers irrespective of age.

Expressing anger against the government and celebrities

To express anger against the attitude of the government and celebrities, they have posted posters on their cars, with messages written on them. However, there are some messages which cannot be told.

Bali has protested by writing messages on the posters of actresses Kangana, Sunny Diol, MP Hans Raj Hans, Prime Minister, and UP and Haryana CMs. Accusing the government that the first terrorist file is being tried as a genuine fake farmer and trying to weaken the movement. This is wrong, and there is anger among farmers.

More stringent arrangements for rescue

In view of the rainy season, farmers have made more stringent arrangements for rescue on the Singhu border. For this, the farmers have put three layers of tarpaulin on top of the trolley so that not a single drop of rain can reach inside the trolley. At the same time, the wood and dumplings kept for cooking are also covered with tarpaulin so that there is no moisture in the fire-burning material. Keeping in view the arrangement of other farmers, additional waterproof tents have also been arranged in which a maximum number of farmers can spend the night.

Anchor service continued in the rain

Even after the rain on the border on Sunday, some servicemen got soaked in rain and continued the service of the langar. At the same time, some servicemen also got wet in the rain throughout the day to handle the crowd. During this time some of the servants served the anchor while sitting under the trolleys, avoiding the rain. The servicemen said that they would not kneel in front of any disaster, but would courageously continue to serve the farmers in the demonstration.

Extreme cleaning system due to rain

Due to rain on the Singhu border, the cleaning system completely collapsed. Because of this, a situation of mud and dirt persisted. The pedestrians faced trouble. However, some servicemen had made arrangements for drainage early in the morning so that rainwater could reach the large pits through the roadside. At the same time, some sevadars took up the day to clean the mud.

Tiki border: less rain, more chill

In all areas of Delhi, from June 4 onwards, there was torrential rain like June-July. While Indradev was kind to the farmers on the Tikari border and went back here with a slight drizzle. But due to heavy rains in Delhi from morning to afternoon, the temperature of the Tiki border had gone down, there was tremendous chill here. The bonfire was lit at various places to avoid the cold.

The rain on the Tikari border decreased, due to which the farmers here did not face more problems than the farmers who were standing on the other borders of Delhi. There was drizzle several times from morning to afternoon, but the farmers were not dazed. Speech against the government used to go on the stage as usual. There was no lack of enthusiasm and resentment of the farmers.

Purushottam Singh, a member of the Indian Farmers Union Sangrur, said that today another farmer's brother sacrificed while fighting against the black agricultural laws. But the morale of the farmers is not going to break with this. The day he came out of the house, he had decided on the same day that even if he lost his life, the government's decision would be changed.

Gurmeet Singh said that the people of Haryana and Delhi are with him. He is also arranging for food and drink. If someone dies due to a cold and disease. But the farmer will no longer return from Delhi fearing anyone.

On Sunday, Jind farmers distributed huge quantities of milk at the Tikri border. Ramraji Dhul, a member of the Indian Farmers Union (Non-Political) Jind, said that on Saturday, one thousand liters of milk was distributed among the farmers here. The farmers were provided with free milk. So that he can consume it more and more to avoid cold.