Farmers may adopt new agricultural laws, Center may amend if it is not liked: Kailash Chaudhary


Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary on Wednesday appealed to the farmers to try new agricultural laws. He said that the government can amend it if the farmers face any problem or do not like it. His statement comes a day after the Supreme Court banned the implementation of all three new agricultural laws.

Describing agricultural laws as historical reforms, he appealed to the farmers to trust the committee set up by the Supreme Court. He said that for some time, farmers should adopt new laws, and if they do not like it, then we can amend these laws.

Otherwise, people will believe that their movement is inspired by politics. The farmers are urged not to be a puppet of anyone and to appear before the Supreme Court committee to resolve the issue.

On the charge of having pro-law members in the committee, he said, whom would the farmers trust if not the Supreme Court? They do not trust the government, not the Supreme Court, whom will they trust? They need to be trusted and with folded hands, they are urged to come to the negotiating table.

Do they want to say that they do not want the Swaminathan Committee or do they not want the freedom to sell their crops anywhere? If the old policies are so good, why are the farmers still poor and committing suicide? He said that the Supreme Court's decision should be accepted by all.

The committee set up by the Supreme Court will take suggestions and give its report. Persistence will not help. There are crores of farmers in the country who are supporting all three laws. The protesting farmers should state their issues before the committee.