Farmer movement in Punjab: Railways canceled 3090 goods trains, loss of 1670 crores


The railways have lost Rs 1,670 crore due to the farmer movement in Punjab for the last 50 days. The loss was due to the cancellation of 1,986 passenger trains and 3,090 freight trains. Sources said that train services will be suspended in the state at present. The railways have rejected the protesters' proposal to restore only the freight trains.

Due to the demonstrations, the Railways are losing about 36 crores in freight daily. There has been a huge loss in the freight traffic between October 1 and November 15. Many trains going to Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are stuck in the outskirts of Punjab for carrying essential commodities. 520 coal rakes were to be supplied to five power plants in Punjab, but being stuck, a loss of Rs 550 crore has been done.

Other goods trains that have been canceled include 110 racks of steel (estimated loss 120 crores), 170 racks of cement (estimated loss 100 crores), 90 racks of ash (loss 35 crores), 1,150 racks of grain (loss 550 crores), 270 racks of manure (loss 140 crores), 110 racks of petroleum (loss 40 crores). There was a loss of Rs 120 crore due to the cancellation of trains laden with 600 containers filled with many items.

Apart from this, there has been a loss of 15 crores due to the suspension of 70 more goods trains. Farmers' organizations in Punjab are protesting against the three laws brought by the central government for the protection of the interests of the farmers and are patrolling the railway.