Farmer leaders issued instructions regarding peacefully organizing tractor parade


Farmer leaders on Sunday appealed to the people participating in the Republic Day tractor parade to keep ration available for 24 hours as well as to maintain peace during the parade. A farmer leader said that no one should have any weapon or liquor. Banners with inflammatory messages will not be allowed.

He said that three places have been set up to start the parade, including Singhu, Tikri, and Ghazipur border. Farmer leaders will walk in front of their car during the parade.

Farmer leaders said that the tricolor flag will be put on every tractor and during this time folk music and patriotic songs will be played. Only five people will be allowed to ride each tractor.

A farmer leader said that everyone should keep their jackets and blankets with them in view of the cold and everyone has to come back to the beginning of their parade.