Exclusive: Police chief's stately farmhouse, Swimming pool ... AC rooms and beautiful lawns, see photos


If a person earns more wealth than income, he builds it, then the eyes of the people definitely go there. Dharmendra Singh, the police station officer of Hastinapur has done the same thing. Dharmendra Singh, who has been in the same police station for a quarter to two years, has not only acquired immense wealth but has also misused his position. The police station has a large farmhouse in two bighas and a swimming pool for comfort. In addition, a model cottage remains.

Earlier CO Jitendra Sargam laid the foundation stone of Kabaddi Stadium in Baghpat. He was also surrounded by questions, due to which he was transferred. Even after the auction, the police officers are not learning.

The police station has built a plush farmhouse in two bighas in the middle of the fields in the dense forest near the Draupadi Ghat. A police station and a home guard have also been deployed to guard the farmhouse round the clock. The farmhouse has a swimming pool and a model cottage for Asho comfort. ACS have also been installed in the rooms. There is also a complete arrangement for food and drink here.

On June 20, 2018, Singh was given charge of the Hastinapur police station. He has been posted here for about a quarter to two years. Most of Singh's job so far has been spent in the Meerut district and Meerut range.

Laid down the rules and regulations

The farmhouse has all-round agricultural land, where farmers cultivate. Many green trees have been cut to make it. Boundary walls have been built around the farmhouse, while residential construction cannot be done in the forest as per the rules. Not only this, but boundary land cannot also be built on agricultural land.

Land purchased in wife's name

The head of the police station has bought land in the name of wife Kalpana Singh to build a farmhouse. Currently, the price of this land in the market is Rs 75 lakh. A plush farmhouse has been built with an investment of about 20 lakh rupees. Local people also complained to the police officers about the farmhouse but, no result was found.