Example: Female Sub-Inspector brought an unclaimed dead body on her shoulder and performed the last rites


As soon as the policeman thinks about it, a picture of a ruthless, tough man, an angry person emerges in the mind, but it is not so. The police force encompasses the people of our society and there are all kinds of people in the society. Not all officers in the police force are ruthless and hard-hearted. One such example is presented by the woman sub-inspector Sirisha of Andhra Pradesh.

Sirisha, a sub-inspector posted at Kasibugga police station in Andhra Pradesh shoved a beggar's body for two kilometers, which no one wanted to touch. Let us tell you that an unclaimed dead body was found in the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. This corpse was that of a beggar who died of cold or disease. The body of this beggar lay in the field, but no one arranged his funeral. As soon as the matter was reported, Sub-Inspector Sirisha posted at Kasibugga Police Station reached the spot and requested the locals to help in bringing the dead body to the crematorium.

Despite this, no one came forward for help, Sirisha herself decided that she would perform the funeral of the beggar. After this, Sirisha, with the help of a laborer, brought the beggar's body out on the shoulder for two kilometers. During this time people kept making their videos and this video is now going viral on social media.

Sirisha also performed the last rites of the beggar. Kotturu Sirisha is a 2017 batch Sub Inspector. People are saluting Sirisha's courage after the video went viral. Social media users are saying in unison that the passion shown by this woman police officer towards her duty is definitely a compliment. One user wrote 'Veer Nari Shakti Ko Salute'.

Not only this, while tweeting about the video going viral, IPS Ashok Kumar wrote, 'Police people are often considered ruthless. In Andhra Pradesh, a woman sub-inspector shouldered the body of a beggar for two kilometers, which no one wanted to touch. Where will you find such a story of humanity and compassion? Change your vision towards those in uniform.