Example: Daughter-in-law Niharika Das reached the health center by lifting the corona infected father-in-law on her back, people kept taking photos


Niharika Das, a resident of Nagaon, Assam, set an example for society. By fulfilling the duty of a son, she has become an ideal daughter-in-law. People are saying on social media that if a daughter-in-law is like Niharika Das, who has carried her corona positive father-in-law on her back to the health center. That too by walking two kilometers. During this people kept taking photos, but no one came forward to help.

Niharika Das's photo is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this, she is seen carrying her Corona positive father-in-law on her back. Niharika walked about 2 km carrying her father-in-law on her back. During this people took photos, but no one came forward to help. After the picture went viral, people are now calling Niharika the ideal daughter-in-law. However, even after so much hard work, Niharika could not save her father-in-law and she became corona positive.

no one came forward to help

Actually, Anniharika's father-in-law Thuleshwar Das was a betel nut seller in Bhatigaon in the Raha area. On June 2, symptoms of the corona were seen in Thuleshwar Das. Her daughter-in-law Niharika arranged a rickshaw to take her to Raha's health center, 2 km away, when her health deteriorated, but the auto rickshaw could not reach her house and her father-in-law's condition was deteriorating. No one else was present in the house at that time. Niharika's husband works in Siliguri. In such a situation, he had no option but to take the father-in-law on his back. Niharika carried her father-in-law on her back to the auto stand and then took her out of the vehicle at the health center and took her inside the hospital. No one helped during this. Niharika also has a 6-year-old son.