Every Indian should get Covid-19 vaccine for free: CM Kejriwal


The BJP has promised to make it available to the people of the entire state free of cost when the corona vaccine is introduced to woo voters in the Bihar assembly elections. After this promise of BJP, the country's political heats up. There has been a debate in the country over whether the Kovid-19 vaccine should be made available to the people free of charge after the BJP announced the introduction of a free vaccine in Bihar. In this episode, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the vaccine of Kovid-19 should be made available free of cost all over the country as everyone is troubled by the coronavirus. However, the vaccine (vaccine) of Kovid-19 has not yet arrived in India and the world.

On Saturday, CM Kejriwal told the media after inaugurating two flyovers in North-East Delhi, the entire country should get the Kovid-19 vaccine for free. Everyone is troubled by the coronavirus. This is the second time Kejriwal has spoken on the free vaccine. Earlier, Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had taunted the BJP and asked the question of whether the Indians who do not vote for them will also get the vaccine free or not.

Shiv Sena also criticized BJP

Shiv Sena has said in fact that what is the real policy of BJP? Who is their guide? There seems to be some confusion about this. Two days ago, Prime Minister Modi assured the public that the government will make an effort to make the Corona vaccine accessible to all the people of the country. The Prime Minister did not bring caste, religion, province, politics anywhere while distributing the vaccine.

The Shiv Sena has also targeted the Finance Minister, mentioning this promise as the first number in BJP's manifesto in the face and termed it bizarre. The Shiv Sena has also questioned that the states which do not have a BJP government, are those states in Pakistan? Or give Corona vaccine to these states. Saamana said that the development has been lost due to the Bihar elections. Corona vaccines are required throughout the country. Vaccine discovery has reached the third stage, but the vaccine will be given to those who voted for BJP in Bihar first, but suppose that if the power changes in Bihar, BJP will not give the vaccine to Bihar Many states do not have a BJP government.

Official sources say that after the coronavirus vaccine has been vaccinated under the special Kovid-19 vaccination program, the center will buy it directly and make it available to priority groups.