Due to your negligence, the cheaters are cheating, the second pass, this cheater cheated 3 crores from 250 people in 4 years


These days, it is seen that fraud is being carried out by ATM card clones and money is being withdrawn from people's accounts. People think that thugs are very clever who carry out such incidents. But your negligence is the biggest reason for cheating. During the interrogation, a thug revealed much such information which is surprising. Police arrested donor Hanswan Haryana resident Balwan alias Balla (47) son Risala Sansi alias Risal Singh from Hisar Jail in case of a clone of ATM card and crossing money from people's bank accounts. About a year ago, he ran into an ATM in Jhunjhunu by sweeping a person's ATM card. One of its accomplices was arrested. In the inquiry, this accused has given shocking information.

Just the second pass, the accused used to commit small thieves, but later on learning to make ATM clones, he started to cross money from people's accounts. In the last four years, it has crossed three crores rupees by cheating such people with about two and a half hundred people. It is not alone in this business, but many other family members are also engaged.

According to police, these people are residents of Hansi village in Haryana, and their gang is called Sansi Gang. It is revealed that most of these people have expensive cars, luxurious houses, and all other facilities. Police inquiries have revealed that the accused used to prepare clones and used to cross the money from people's accounts within a few minutes.

Came with brother and nephew of brother-in-law in Jhunjhunun

ASI Ashok Kumar told that Balwan had come to Jhunjhunu on 20 December 2019 with his brother-in-law son Bittu alias Raju and his nephew Pappu alias Ramesh. Here these people stood at the ATM of Orient Bank on Mandawa Mad. Meanwhile, Mahesh Kumar, working in airfares resident of Methane Dhani (Gudhagadji) came there. He put an ATM in the machine to withdraw money, one of the accused took his ATM and swept with his sweep machine and started running.

Mahesh Kumar followed them and caught Pappu alias Ramesh while Daane fled from the car. After the information arrived, the police arrested Ramesh and interrogated him, and the names of other accused came to light. Ramesh is currently in Jhunjhunu jail while Balwan is now arrested.

Incidents in nine states

Balwan and his associates involved in Hansi's Sansi gang have carried out around 250 incidents in nine states Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand. Balwan and his gang would first settle, bring in trainees, pocket, and suitcases, and make an incision and take out money and jewelry.

ATM rush

Very poorly educated thugs take advantage of the small carelessness of the people. Banks repeatedly warn that while withdrawing money in ATMs, do not let anyone else, but we do not interrupt anyone and ignore the crowd. The thugs take full advantage of this.

Revealing ATM PIN

The way these thugs work is such that in addition to the clones, these thugs commit crimes by asking for ATM card number and PIN on the phone. Banks repeatedly refuse not to give this information to anyone else, but despite this people are not aware.