Dr. Narendra Singh will get the country's largest Tenzing Norgay National Award, made 18 world records


We are telling you about the climber who has 18 world records and for this, he is now being awarded the country's biggest award. Know all about the climber ...

It is being talked about by mountaineer Dr. Narendra Singh, who has been selected for the country's biggest Tenzing Norgay National Award. His name was selected by the selection committee, which was approved by Sports Minister Kirin Rijiju, in view of the achievements of mountaineer resident of Nehrugarh village of Khand Nahar in Rewari district of Haryana.

In the presence of the Prime Minister, Dr. Narendra Singh will receive this honor at the hands of the President. The award will be given on the occasion of Sports Day on 29 August. This is the biggest award given by the Government of India in the adventure sports of mountaineering. Dr. Narendra passed all the courses with the basics of mountaineering in the year 2012, advance in 2013, MOI in 2015.

On 20 May 2016 Mount Everest Fateh via Nepal. Narendra has so far conquered the highest peaks of the five continents, including Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Kojasco, and Australia's 10 highest peaks. Narendra has conquered Ekankagua, the highest peak in South America. Narendra has set 18 world records in mountaineering so far.

Dr. Narendra has been awarded the World King by all the world record institutions of the world. Last year, Narendra was awarded the title of Doctor of Motivation by the Los Angeles Development Institute, Los Angeles (United States).