Disputed statement of BJP MP about the Hathras incident, Congress raised the objection!


Bharatiya Janata Party MP Mohan Mandavi from Chhattisgarh's Kanker Lok Sabha seat has allegedly called the incident in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, as 'artificial'. The ruling party Congress has raised objections after the MP's statement.

The incident of suicide of a woman after gang rape in Kondagaon district of the state has caught fire. The state's main opposition party, BJP, staged a sit-in protest against the incident. During this time, Kanker MP Mandavi allegedly called the incident of Hathras as artificial.

According to the video that went viral on social media on Monday, during a conversation with the reporters at the dharna-demonstration, Mandavi said that we have received information from the media about the incident (Kondagaon). Daughters are being tortured all over Bastar along with Kondagaon district. But this government is asleep.

Mandavi reportedly said that he goes to the Hathras incident where there is a fake incident. But the state president, MLA and Chief Minister here do not care about the incident here. A responsible minister is asked when he says that there is a BJP government (in Uttar Pradesh) that is why there is a big event, there is a Congress government in Chhattisgarh, so it is a small incident.

In response to the question of reporters, Mandavi once again says that you must have read about the incident of Hathras in the paper. People in the paper have told that it is a fake incident. This (Kondagaon) is a reality event. For this, we are sitting on dharna. They are not for artificiality. The Congressmen sit for the sake of artificiality. He does not sit in a dharna for the event that actually happens.

The MP says that the incident of Bastar is small and Hathras who is far away from here, who did not even vote for us, is going there to protest.

BJP MPs also address the sit-in demonstration, saying, "If there is a CBI inquiry into the case, such an incident will be found in every four-five villages." Those who fabricated the false story of Hathras, there has not been any kind of atrocity. By making him artificial and torturing him, the leaders of the big Congress are reaching where nothing has happened. And the incident is happening to our Bastar tribals. They should come here. Where did the benefactors of the tribals who filled the ranks for the development of the tribals go. The MLA and the Chief Minister should resign here. ”During the talks with the reporters, Mandavi demanded the CBI to investigate the Kondagaon case, death sentence for the culprits and compensation of Rs 20 lakh for the victim's family.

Here, after this statement by the BJP MP, the ruling party of the state has called it BJP's thinking. Congress spokesperson Dhananjay Singh Thakur said, "In everything that MP Mohan Mandavi has said about the Hathras incident, he has put the BJP's thinking in front. Mohan Mandavi's statement has made it clear that BJP leaders, be it Narendra Modi ji, Amit Shah ji or JP Nadda ji, they will all speak on the subjects of those areas where they have got votes. ''

Thakur has said that it is unfortunate that the BJP MP took the support of the media for his false statements and said that the media described the incident of Hathras as artificial. BJP and BJP MPs cannot express their sympathy for the victim and the victim's family, so at least stop scaring their wounds. Why are BJP and BJP leaders afraid to speak out against the perpetrators.