Dhanteras 2020: Dhanteras will be celebrated for two days, Jyotishacharya is telling an auspicious time


This year, the fall of dates is also affecting the festivals. This year, people are confused due to the date of Dhantrayodashi (Dhan Teres) for two days. Jyotishacharya Kameshwar Chaturvedi, director of Deepak Jyotish Bhagwat Sansthan, said that according to visual mathematics and almanac of ancient mathematics, Dhantrayodashi (Dhanteras) will be celebrated on Thursday and Friday. Due to the difference of about 3 hours in the dates of both mathematics almanacs, this festival is being celebrated for 2 days.

According to the ancient mathematics almanac, the Trayodashi date will come on November 12 (Thursday) at 6.30 pm. Therefore, Dhantrayodashi will be celebrated due to Pradosh Vyapini. But according to Panchaghas of visual mathematics, Pradosh Vyapini Tithi will remain on November 13 (Friday) with the arrival of Trayodashi on Thursday at 21.30. Therefore, it would be good to celebrate Dhantrayodashi on Friday.

Deepotsav festival starts from Dhantrayodashi

The festival of Deepotsav begins with Dhantrayodashi (Dhanteras). Lakshmi-Ganesh, Kheel-Batase, etc. are purchased on this day for Diwali Puja. Buying cars, two-wheelers, gold-silver coins are considered auspicious. Nobody should lend money on this day.

- By lighting the chaumukha lamp on the night of Dhantrayodashi, Yamraj is pleased, no one in the family dies prematurely.

According to the scriptures and the Puranas, there is great glory to donate lamps. This work must be done on this day.