Delta Plus: Know the new form of corona virus Delta Plus, 40 cases in the country and 190 cases in the world


Till Wednesday, 40 new cases of the virus with a new mutation in the delta form of coronavirus were found in India. This new variant, called Delta Plus, has the K417N mutation. To prevent this, states have been recommended to increase testing and vaccination of the infected. Know the different aspects of the Delta Plus variant...

more likely to be contagious

The new form created by mutations in the delta form of the virus is being called delta plus. This was first reported in the Public Health Bulletin of England on 11 June. It is believed to be a sub-lineage of the first delta form found in India. It has a mutation of a spike protein called K417N. This mutation was found in the beta form of the virus found in South Africa.

So far found in these countries

Till last week, 190 cases of Delta Plus had been reported. Of these, there were 36 cases in Britain, 15 in Japan, 3 in Nepal, 9 in Poland, 22 in Portugal, 18 in Switzerland, and 83 in America. So far 40 cases have been confirmed in India, which are in Maharashtra, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh. The first case of Delta Plus in the country was in the sample taken on 5 April.

At the same time, they have confirmed in 5 samples taken on 26 April in Britain. These samples were of people who came in contact with citizens who returned from Nepal and Turkey.

Relief now: not a single death

Very few cases of Delta Plus have been reported so far, so the death rate cannot be estimated very firmly. So far not a single death has been confirmed from this form.

Concerns: Immunization effect yet to be tested

Vaccination is being seen as a major tool in the pandemic. Studies are being done in many countries of the world including India on how effective the vaccines are in protecting against delta plus variants.

The World Health Organization called it unusual and worrying, saying that it should be investigated by placing it in the category of delta variant.

According to the Health Ministry of India, there is a need for more testing, monitoring, and contact tracing in the states where it was found. A large number of vaccinations have also been recommended.

anticipation of a new wave

It has also been feared that the new form of the virus can bring a new wave of epidemics in India. However, Delta Plus hasn't seen any rapid growth yet. At the same time, according to ICMR scientist Tarun Bhatnagar, the reason for the third wave may not only be the new form of the virus but also the carelessness took by the people to protect it.