Delhi's air is very bad, no improvement expected soon: Central agency


A central forecasting agency said on Tuesday that the air quality situation in Delhi was unusual. There is no possibility of air pollution coming out of the 'severe' category in the near time.

According to 'Safar', an air quality monitoring system of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, three factors are responsible for this situation, including secondary particulate matter collection, extremely slow airspeeds, and stubble burning pollution. Accordingly, Delhi's air quality index (AQI) is very close to the 'severe' category, which is an unusual situation.

The slow wind is also a reason

Safer said that due to high humidity, humidity has reached new highs and in such cold climates the capacity of air stagnation has increased due to which pollutants remain in the air. New and old pollutant particles remain in the local environment due to the very slow air circulation.

According to the journey, due to the favorable direction of wind and speed, the stubble related pollution continued till Tuesday morning. However, now the wind direction has changed, due to which the pollution related to stubble burning can be reduced. According to Safar, if the level of humidity does not decrease, there is no possibility of any improvement in the situation due to the first two factors.

AQI likely to be in the very poor category

Accordingly, the AQI level of the National Capital Region is likely to fall from the 'severe' category to the highest level of the 'very poor' category in the event of a change in wind direction and an increase in its speed.