Delhi: Kejriwal's appeal - people come forward to donate plasma, the facility will be provided by the government


Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is holding a press conference the day after amid growing Corona infection in Delhi. In which he tells about the steps taken by the government against Corona. In this episode, on Monday, once again Kejriwal held a press conference. In his address, CM said that now the number of patients in hospitals is decreasing. Till June, where 35 out of 100 people were getting infected, now only 11 out of 100 people are getting infected. Please tell, on Monday, Corona's total case figure in the capital will cross one lakh.

Kejriwal said that between 20 and 24 thousand tests are being conducted every day in Delhi. He said that last week we started Corona Plasma Bank. Its demand is very high in four to five days. However, the number of people donating it is small. If the number of donators does not increase, the plasma stock will run out. I appeal to people to come forward to donate plasma. CM Kejriwal also reminded the people that the government is ready to provide all facilities to those who donate plasma. If a person wants to donate plasma, he should tell the government. The government will take all the responsibility to deliver that person to ILBS Hospital. The government will send a taxi to the plasma donor's house so that it can easily reach the ILBS hospital. These plasma banks are built at Non-Kovid Hospital. In such a situation, people need not fear that they will get an infection.

Apart from this, Kejriwal said that the number of coronae infected in Delhi has exceeded 1 lakh. However, there is nothing to worry about because more than 72 thousand people have also recovered. There are around 25,000 active cases in Delhi, out of which 15,000 people are being treated at home. People from hospitals are now recovering and going home. The number of deaths has also decreased considerably compared to earlier. Corona patients are now recovering at home. We are all fighting a fight against Corona. The deaths from corona have decreased.

Kejriwal said that on Monday, 1000th patient at Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi became healthy. He will be discharged in the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. Corona infects are being treated here since the infection spread in March. Initially, there were only 500 beds here but as the cases increased in Delhi, the number of beds was increased here along with two other hospitals in Delhi.

The Delhi government has issued an order to the heads of state hospitals. It states that all patients in the high-risk zone should be subjected to a rapid antigen detection test of the corona. Patients who have signs of infection, who are within the scope of the patients, should be screened. Patients with problems such as chemotherapy, HIV positive, transplant, as well as the elderly should be screened.