DELHI: Crowds of migrant laborers gathered again at railway stations, they started harassing their homes, fearing unemployment


A week-long lockdown has been announced in Delhi. Its effect is clearly seen in Delhi NCR. Crowds of migrant laborers are being seen at railway stations and bus bases. Everyone is eager to return home. After the meeting between the Delhi government and LG, the lockdown has been imposed from 10 pm Monday to 5 am next Monday 26 April.

Migrant laborers say that the lockdown can be increased even further due to the way corona is growing in Delhi. They are going home again as there was no situation like last year.

Late-night migrants from far-flung cities of UP and Bihar have started migrating from Nizamuddin railway station, Anand Vihar, Kaushambi bus stand. Thousands of laborers are reaching here and this number is now increasing. There is no place to even set foot nor social distancing is being followed. Migrants just want to reach their home.

However, Kejriwal has appealed to the workers not to flee. The migrating laborers say that they do not trust the governments. After a year, the government could not prepare for Corona, how will they take care of us?

While addressing the workers, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal said that I can assure you that the government will take full care of you. Stay in Delhi only. He said, "Last time there was a lockdown in the country. We saw how a large number of migrant laborers started going to their villages. I want to appeal especially with folded hands, this is a small lockdown, 6 days. Do not leave and go. " But this appeal of his is also not affecting the workers.