Death of another Nirbhaya: All the limits of cruelty were done after the rape, cut the tongue, and broke the neck ...


The 22-year-old girl, who was a victim of havoc in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, fought for life and death for 15 days, but eventually died in Delhi. The girl, admitted to Aligarh's JN Medical College, was referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on Monday after her condition became critical.

The news of the death of the woman has triggered a wave of mourning in the entire Hathras district. Despite all possible support from the police administration, the hospital, and the team of doctors and the family, the young woman could not overcome the wounds which were brutally given to her by the four mercenaries. On 14 September, not only four gangsters had committed a vicious crime-like rape with a young woman in a village in the Chandra police station area, but also crossed all limits of her cruelty.

The four had cut the young woman's tongue together

Whenever the four accused are discussed what they did to the young woman, the people are left confused. First, the four forcibly gang-raped the victim by tying their hands and feet, then when the woman opposed them, they tried to strangulate her to death.

During this time, the accused had done such cruelty to the girl that her tongue was cut off. The condition was that on September 19, when Vivek arrived to record her statement, she was in such a state of panic and unconsciousness that she could not tell the story of the incident that happened to her.

On September 22, Vivekak again reached JN Medical College and recorded the statements. Then she could barely describe the hardship that happened to her. This fact has been exposed by the discretionary / CO in a two-page report sent to its high officials.

The accused broke the woman's neck

It was also told in the medical report that after the incident of September 14, when the young woman was admitted to JN Medical College, her tongue was cut as well as her neck was also broken. The woman could only tell about the attacks and cruelty on herself in gestures. A case was registered against the accused on this basis.

The victim identified the four accused as Sandeep, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi. The Superintendent of Police had told that Sandeep was arrested on the day of the incident. Later Ramu and Lavkush were also arrested and on Saturday, the fourth accused Ravi was also arrested and sent to jail.