Deadlock is over, farmers movement is expected to end, Halfway done, Now solution time


Due to the grace of the Guru on Prakash Utsav, half the talk has become in the farmer movement. Decisions on half are expected on Thursday and Friday. The tenth round of talks on Wednesday was the most positive on the 56th day of the movement. If everything goes well, farmers will celebrate the victory by taking out a tractor rally in their homes along with Punjab on Republic Day.

Positive offer

The government is ready to give an affidavit in the Supreme Court to ban the implementation of the three agricultural laws for a year and a half. After this, the ban on implementation can be extended further if needed. Meanwhile, a new committee will be formed outside the Supreme Court, which will have representatives from farmers' organizations, agricultural exports, and the government. This committee will discuss aspects of the three agricultural laws as well as the minimum support price. Accordingly, amendments will be made to the agricultural laws. All cases registered on farmers during the agitation will be withdrawn. NIA summons will not take action on the innocent.

Now what next

On Thursday morning, all the farmers' organizations of Punjab will discuss the positive proposals received from the government. Then in the afternoon, the second round of discussion will be held in the meeting of the United Kisan Morcha. According to the opinion of most organizations, the results will be conveyed to the government. On January 22, at 12 o'clock at Vigyan Bhavan, a dialogue between the government and agitating farmer organizations is expected. On the positive acceptance of the United Kisan Morcha, this assent will be finalized by the Supreme Court. After this, farmers' organizations will celebrate their victory by returning to their respective homes on January 26 by taking out a tractor rally on Republic Day.

Bitterness at first

In the tenth round of talks, the NIA was initially bitter about the summons and the tractor rally. The government appealed not to hold a tractor rally. Farmers' organizations said the rally will come out. After Tuesday, a tractor rally was discussed with Delhi Police at Vigyan Bhavan on Wednesday morning. The alternative roadmap discussion of Outer Ring Road vs. KMP went on. Consent not made. It was postponed to Thursday. It has now been decided to hold talks with the government. After positive talks with the government, the discussion with the Delhi Police on the tractor rally on Thursday was postponed for the time being. The issue of NIA summons arose in the meeting. Spoke grew. Farmers' organizations protested strongly. The government assured that if the NIA summoned the innocents, then name them, action will not take place. Indications are that NIA summons may be put on hold if the matter moves in a positive direction towards the plow. Now, on Thursday these new proposals from the government are going to be mutual.

This is the case

The Supreme Court had suggested a formula to the government that why the implementation of the law should not be stopped till the solution. The Supreme Court also imposed an immediate stay during the hearing itself. Even if this did not happen, now the government softened slightly. Proposed a moratorium on the implementation of the laws for a year and a half. In the talks with the committee, the assurance of further delay in implementation of delay in the plow. Earlier, Rajnath Singh, who was mediating behind the scenes, gave confidence to the farmers to try the laws. Lakka Baba's effort also paid off. Earlier on Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court also put the ball in the court of the government and Delhi Police over the tractor rally. The Supreme Court expressed concern about the question being raised on its panel and said that it should not go to the panel, but do not impose grievances. From the beginning, it has been an effort from the government to open the way for talks by forming an 11-member committee. Farmers' organizations, in the tenth round of talks, also gave a sharp message to the government that they will not present their side before the committee of the Supreme Court. However, now a decision has been made to consider the implementation of agricultural laws after the government proposed a ban on the formation of a new committee of government and farmer organizations. In fact, misconceptions abound among the common people about the obstructive attitude of peasant organizations.

Hull initiative expected

The meeting with Delhi Police ended at 11 am. 12 No clear order of Supreme Court. Talks with the government from 2 o'clock. About three hours of conversation. One hour heat on the tractor rally and NIA summons. After the lunch break, the atmosphere is normal again. Asked by the government, any option from you. Then several steps one by one from the box of Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar, Piyush Goyal Sompal (Ministerial Committee). Tomar said, the government has taken many steps, you also increase some. It was said by the government, now let us decide here. After the meeting, separate farmer organizations held a meeting there. It was said that on these proposals, the farmer's organization will consult each other the next day and tell them on Friday. Now the government and farmer organizations also feel that this is a positive proposal. Many leaders, including Buta Singh Burjagil of Bhakuyu Daconda, believe that this can be considered as an initiative of the plow. In such a situation, if everything remains normal, the celebration of the Republic on January 26 will increase further. Tractor rally will be in back gear, farmers will be at their respective homes. Now, wait, this moment.

New proposal to remove the deadlock

Government to give an affidavit in Supreme Court for a year and a half ban on implementation of agricultural laws

Apart from the Supreme Court, a new committee of government and experts will be formed with farmer organizations

This committee will discuss the three agricultural laws and the minimum support price.