Cyber ​​Crime: If your account is cheated online then you can save money in these two ways


The target of cybercriminals is the account of every person who, unknowingly or greedily, falls in their trap. In the blink of an eye, funds are withdrawn from bank accounts or e-wallets. This amount can be saved if little diligence is taken. There are two ways of this. First, as soon as the message of withdrawal of funds from the account is received, file a report on the website of cyber police and then inform on the nationally operated helpline 155260. The sooner this work is done, the higher the chances of surviving the maximum amount.

Officials associated with cyber police say that the best way to avoid such criminals is to be vigilant. Do not give personal information under the lure of unknown people and do not click on any link sent by an unknown person. Even after this, if there is any kind of fraud and the amount is withdrawn from the bank account or e-wallet, then show promptness. Cybercriminals spend the amount in no time. Due to lack of information, people are disturbed for hours and criminals get a chance to do their work.

Understand the process of complaint like this

The website is the main mode of filing complaints. This is the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal Center set up by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. In this, there is a system for Citizen Cyber. There is an option of crime-fraud reporting here. The portal has cyber experts, executives from banks, and companies associated with e-wallets. Along with complaining here, arrangements are made to stop the payment in the account from which the amount has been withdrawn and wherever the transaction (amount transfer) has been done. Immediately after registering the complaint on the portal, the payment is stopped as soon as the information is given on the helpline. During this process, the whole or most of the amount can be prevented from reaching cybercriminals.

Promptness in providing information

People are being made aware of cyber crimes through various mediums. Complaints on the portal and information on the helpline are two ways in which money can be saved. Time is of great importance in this. As soon as people give this information, action can be taken to save their amount. Yogesh Chaudhary, Additional Director General of Police, State Cyber ​​Cell, Madhya Pradesh