Covid Vaccination: Some states are spreading fear about vaccines unnecessarily: Mansukh Mandaviya


Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Wednesday said that baseless statements are being made to create panic among people, amid complaints from some states about the lack of an anti-coronavirus vaccine. The states know very well when and how many doses they will get. Mandaviya said that like the Center, the states and union territories are informed in advance regarding the allocation of doses of the corona vaccine. This is done so that the state governments can do the work of vaccination up to the district level by planning properly and people do not face any problem.

Vaccine availability increased to 13.50 crore doses in July

The Union Health Minister tweeted, 'I have come to know from the statements and letters of various state governments and leaders regarding the availability of the vaccine. This situation can be better understood by actual analysis of the facts. Useless statements are being made only to create panic among the people. The Health Minister said that so that vaccination can be done through government and private hospitals, 11.46 crore doses of vaccine were made available to the state governments and union territories in June, and in July this availability has been increased to 13.50 crore doses.

Despite this, if long queues of vaccine takers are seen, then it is clear who is the reason.

Mandaviya said that the information about how many doses will be given in July was given to the states on June 19 itself. After this, on June 27 and July 13, the states were informed by the Center about the availability of vaccines for the first and second fortnight of July every day in advance according to the batch. He tweeted, 'If the Center is already giving this information on its behalf in advance and yet we see mismanagement and long queues of vaccine people, then it is very clear what the problem is and who is the reason for it. .'