Covid Epidemic : Health Ministry clarified on hiding death figures from Corona


The Union Health Ministry in its statement on Wednesday has dismissed the claim of Corona's high death rate. The ministry said that the claim of more deaths due to corona on some estimates is false. In such a report, the Civil Registration System (CRS) and HMIS data have been compared to draw the conclusion.

Denied reports of more deaths than figures

They have no solid basis. Referring to the deaths in HMIS, the ministry said in a statement that in the absence of other information, these deaths should be treated as deaths due to COVID-19. The Health Ministry denied reports of more deaths than figures.

According to these reports, more than 2,50,000 deaths were due to unknown causes, the statement said. It is wrong to attribute any death to COVID-19 without any basis and such estimates are only a figment of imagination.

The ministry said in a statement that all the states and union territories have been given the responsibility to continuously update the data in this special system. In order to avoid any discrepancy in the number of fatalities, the ICMR has recorded all the deaths related to COVID-19 in India as per the ICD-10 codes recommended by WHO for coding of mortality rates. Appropriate guidance has been issued in doing so.