COVID-19 update: 83 new cases of corona in Rajasthan came out, most infected in Jaipur


These days, not only Rajasthan but the entire country is struggling with the corona global epidemic, this infection takes many people every day and many people suffer from this infection.

Let us tell you that there have been 83 new cases of global epidemic corona infection in Rajasthan, while there has been no news of death of any person infected with this disease, due to which the number of people infected with this disease is three lakh 19 thousand. 626.

So at the same time, the death toll from this disease has reached 2785. This information has been given in the report issued by the Medical Directorate. They have told that the most infected people in Rajasthan were 25 new cases from Rajasthan capital Jaipur, while 12 newly infected people were found from Jodhpur and cases from other states have also come. And not a single infected has been found from many states.