Covid-19: The light version of Sputnik V will arrive in India soon, avoid Corona in a single dose


India is also facing a shortage of vaccines in the second wave of Corona. In this way, after the Covishield and Kovacine in the war against Coronavirus in India, now another vaccine Sputnik-V will also be available in the market from next week.

A single-dose vaccine to be produced

Amidst all this, Russian Ambassador to India N. Kudashev told news agency ANI that Sputnik V is a Russian-Indian commentary. We expect its production in India to be gradually increased to 85 crore doses per year. Sputnik plans to introduce a single-dose vaccine in India soon. N. Kudashev has stated that the effectiveness of Sputnik V is well known in the world. It is being successfully used in the vaccination of people starting in the second half of 2020 in Russia. He said that Russian experts have announced that this vaccine is also effective against the new Kovid-19 variant.

What is the light version of Sputnik V?

The light version of Sputnik V will do all the work of the coronavirus in a single dose. According to Russia, the light version of Sputnik V is the single-dose corona vaccine, which is 80% effective. The company claims that its light version waxen is more effective in single doses than two-dose vaccines. This light version vaccine of Sputnik has also received the approval of the Russian government.

Questions were raised on Sputnik

Sputnik's ability was initially questioned, but later in February this year, when the trial's data was published in The Lancet, the vaccine was described as safe and effective. In fact, in the Phase III trial of the Russian vaccine 'Sputnik-V of Kovid-19, it proved to be 91.6 percent effective and did not show any side effects. This has been claimed in an interim analysis of data published in 'The Lancet' Journal. These results of the study are based on an analysis of data collected from around 20,000 participants.

Emergency use clearance in India

Subsequently, in April, the emergency use of the Russian Corona vaccine 'Sputnik V' was approved in India. An Expert Committee of the Central Medicines Authority of India had recommended approving the emergency use of the Russian Corona vaccine 'Sputnik V' with certain conditions in the country, which was approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). The Gamalaya Institute claimed that Sputnik-V is the most effective of all the vaccines developed so far against the corona.