Covid-19 Second Wave Peak: When will the second wave of Coronavirus peak in India?


In India, the second wave of the Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc and the country is witnessing daily record cases. In the meantime, the question arises as to when the second wave of the last COVID-19 will peak and when the cases fall.

Government's Mathematical Modeling Expert Professor M. Vidyasagar says that the coronavirus may hit its peak this week and the second wave may hit its peak on May 7, followed by a fall in cases of Kovid-19.

Professor M. Vidyasagar said that the second wave of Corona started from Maharashtra, first, the peak of Corona will also come there and firstly the number of patients will also start decreasing here, he said that in the states bordering Maharashtra, Corona The figures will be more. On the other hand, in the states which are far away from Maharashtra, there will be a peak and the cases will be less late.