COVID-19: Increased risk of corona on Indus border, demonstrator farmer fever, cough victim


The risk of coronavirus appears to be increasing on the Indus border. Cases of cold, cough, and fever are on the rise among protesting farmers. Among them, the largest number of elderly farmers are seen. A team of health workers present on the spot is also involved in providing medicines to the farmers. Doctors here say that people are not using masks. Taking the disease very lightly, the risk of corona may increase.

Talking to Amar Ujala, Haryana government health officials said that 'more cases of cold cough, fever, and sore throat have been coming up here since last few days. 10 medical teams have been deployed by the government. Only similar cases are coming everywhere. We are getting medicines for cold, cough, and fever daily. It is the largest number of elderly people. An ambulance has also been arranged in view of the emergency situation.

In a discussion with Amar Ujala, the famine NGO said that our organization has set up camp here for four days. Every day there are only cases of fever and sore throat. We have also made special arrangements for the treatment of people. Doctors have also made available for more seriously ill persons. We are treating women and men by giving them a set time. The institution has given medicines worth Rs 2.5 lakh to the farmers. Every day, we are getting a stock of medicines.

The institute's doctor Charanjit Singh told Amar Ujala that every day more than 50 people are coming to our camp to take medicines for cold cough and fever. Many similar NGOs and health departments are also going to camp. We are providing medicines by asking the farmers for symptoms. People are also repeatedly alerted to avoid corona. Apart from this, cases related to sugar, blood pressure, and stomach are also coming out.

Haryana government busy preparing list of sick people

Health officials of the Haryana government told Amar Ujala that we will prepare a list of farmers who have a high fever or cold cough. After the list, Kovid-19 will start a camp and start the investigation. If a farmer gets corona infected then he will be given a better treatment facility. On the question of farmers not applying masks and not following the protocol of Corona, officials say that the local district administration and the health department team have been instructed to conduct health checkups. A large number of farmers have gathered at the border. In such a situation, his health checkup should be continued continuously. Farmers will also be prepared to wear Kovid-19 probes and masks.

The report has not yet come

The team of health officials present at the border told Amar Ujala, the corona tests in the vicinity are being done by the government. At present, there was also a camp here, which has not been reported yet. In view of the outbreak of Corona, a mobile van will be installed here soon. Medicines are being made available to sick people by screening.

Delhi government team is also posted

In view of the increasing crowd at the border, the Delhi government has also deployed the Health Department team. Health department officials told Amar Ujala that, 'For the common ailment, we have put a team of doctors on duty here. There are also doctors and ambulances for emergencies. According to the shift every day, the duty of health workers is being imposed.

Farmers are not using masks

Demonstrative farmers are not using masks. They are not following the law of social distance. Hundreds of farmers are eating and living in batches without any distance. On the question of not wearing face masks, the farmers say that there is no corona here. are well. People of Punjab and Haryana have good immunity power. So we are not afraid of any corona.

Hand sanitizers are not taking it for free

Masks, soap, hand sanitizers are being distributed free of cost to the farmers by the health department team and NGO at the demonstration site. But the farmers are not showing any interest in taking it. The NGO and the Health Department team say that, even if given for free, no one is taking hand sanitizer. People do not even take masks. That is why we have stopped delivering. There are all the essential medicines and precautionary items in our camp which he feels he comes and takes himself.

Significantly, the agitation of the farmers is continuing against the agricultural laws of the central government. Farmers have been demonstrating on the Delhi border for eight days. They are demanding the withdrawal of agricultural laws. The farmers are calling these laws of the central government black law. At the same time, the government is also engaged in convincing the farmers.