Covid-19 in India: How long will the second wave of Corona be in India? Click here to know


The second wave of the Corona epidemic in the country is at its peak at this time. In 2020, when people were frightened by the number of one lakh infected patients getting daily, at the same time, in 2021, in the second wave of Corona, this number has crossed three lakhs.

Now in the midst of this havoc, now everyone has the same question that when the second wave of Corona will stop across the country. Experts have different opinions about this. According to Dr. Rakesh Mishra, director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, during this time people will have to strictly follow the Corona Protocol.

The next three weeks are very important for India, people have to be cautious, we have seen the situation in Italy where people died in the corridor of hospitals due to lack of oxygen cylinder in the hospital and lack of treatment, but right now the condition is serious in India, so everyone has to be alert.